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Smoking Teens and Young People

Teen smoking is a global epidemic and an increasing amount of money time and resources are being spent in trying to address the problem. The worrying trends, including the fact that 1 in 3 young people will now start smoking in their teens (or at least try it), have to be tackled with a view to reversing this trend – particularly in the US – as soon as possible.

The cause of the problem is probably just as worrying as the problem itself but it seems nobody can really point to a specific contributing factor to concentrate resources on. Peer pressure will always play a massive part in the decisions of teenagers and young people and drinking and teen smoking are 2 of the major vices that teens are often encouraged to try, and potentially abuse, by their friends.

Governments and health authorities have tried numerous ways to try and stop people smoking – in the older generations as well as in the young. But the problem remains that tobacco related products create a massive amount of revenue for governments and retailers alike so the full extent of their efforts is realistically likely to fall short. Highlighting the health risks doesn’t seem to work, emblazoning packets with pictures of diseased lungs doesn’t work and the images of celebrities smoking doesn’t help much either.

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The propensity of the rich and famous that are all over social media with a cigarette between their lips does nothing but glamorize smoking – though at least the odd celebrity smoker does seem to have swapped the cigarettes for an ecig – which is a small positive step in the right direction. We can blame celebrities as much as we want though but the problem and the solution must come from a much more organized and co-ordinated approach of long term educations and socio-economic reform.

Just what the future holds for teen smoking and the health of the world when they are older I don’t think anyone can accurately predict.

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